Twitter Alert, you may want to reset your password

Twitter disclosing Thursday in a blog spot that it found a bug a few weeks ago, that caused passwords to be improperly stored in plain text on internal logs.

Twitter has said it found the bug itself and fixed it, and there is no evidence to suggest that it has already been hacked, but that does not mean all is well.

“The passwords were stored in plain text inside Twitter’s computer network. Now typically, companies never store passwords in plain text. They store them in an encrypted or hash form. So that if a hacker gets in, he cannot access the password.” Said Jim Finkle, Reuters cybersecurity and technology editor.

The disclosure comes as lawmakers and regulators around the world scrutinize the way companies store and secure consumer data following a string of massive breaches including Equifax, Facebook and Uber.

Twitter is enforcing a reset on all its 330 million plus accounts. In addition, the blog did not say how many passwords were affected, although one source telling Reuters, the number was substantial and they were exposed for several months.

Therefore, if you want to be extra safe, Twitter suggests not just changing your Twitter password, but also other accounts that use that password as well.

Twitter says it is very sorry and appreciates your trust.

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