“REvil” Hacker group Claimed to obtain 900+ of Patients Photographs (before and after)

900 gigabytes of patient photographs described by REvil, also known as Sodinokibi, which is one the most prolific ransomware groups, as “not completely pleasant sight”. On its dark website, hackers had announced that they have stolen the data of a large cosmetic surgery chain and are threatening to publish patients’ before and after photos, among other details.

The Hospital Group, which claims to be the UK’s leading specialist weight loss and cosmetic surgery group, had confirmed the ransomware attack assuring that none of patients’ payment card details had been compromised and it had informed the Information Commissioner of the breach.

The group which has 11 clinics specialized in bariatric weight loss surgery, breast enlargements, nipple corrections and nose adjustments, had previously promoted itself via celebrity endorsements.  

Various concerns among the customers are there, as the last thing they want is ‘before photos’ being splattered around in public domain.

Ransomware is one of the most prolific forms of cyber-attack, which typically involves hackers gaining access to a computer network and either encrypting files or locking users out of their systems until ransom is paid, has recently evolved into taking a copy the data and threating to release it.

As 25 billion dollars has been earned by criminals via cyber-crime in 2020 according to cybersecurity company Emsisoft, law-enforcement agencies discourage victims from paying the ransom because doing so fuels the criminal enterprises.

It is worth mentioning that hospital group said that surgery requests had increased by 25% since 2019. Tony Veverka, the chief executive told ITV news ‘At the time that Covid-19 health concerns had prompted the spike, as people tried to find ways to lose weight’.   

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